• The Muller Range

    The Muller Range

    And were proud to be one of the major exporters, exporting over 5000 different products every year.
  • Life with Heinz

    Life with Heinz

    We relish being a part of one of the most well-known and best-loved brands in the world.
  • Welcome to Our Valley

    Welcome to Our Valley

    We also export Yeo Valley organic British Dairy the right way!
  • Leading Supermarkets

    Leading Supermarkets

    And were proud to be one of the major exporters, exporting over 5000 different products every year.
  • Foods Of Europe

    Foods Of Europe

    Is one of the unique British Food Exporters with a passion for brands that love people.
  • We deal with over 200 suppliers and manufacturers

    We deal with over 200 suppliers and manufacturers

    And we do not hold stock, meaning we offer the best shelf life possible.
  • We Have Contracts Worldwide

    We Have Contracts Worldwide

    Including the Far East, Middle East and the Caribbean. Our customers are all market leading Retailers
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Outstanding cleaning even in 30 minutes
Persil small & mighty washing detergent delivers outstanding cleaning even in 30 minutes! There never seems to be enough hours in the day to get to the bottom of the laundry pile. So to help you stay on top of things, we set about making sure our NEW Persil small & mighty gives you outstanding results, even on a 30 minute cycle.

Powerful, fast-acting new formula
With 5 clever new ingredients, NEW small & mighty delivers a truly deep clean in cooler and shorter cycles. And with outstanding results in even 30 minutes, you can do 2 loads of washing in the time it normally takes to do 1!

Just one capful, straight into the drum
As before, just one cap of NEW small & mighty is all you need to clean a whole laundry load with one brilliant difference. To help the liquid get to work quick smart, the cap now goes straight into the drum.


A Bit More About Foods Of Europe

  • Our Products
  • Warehousing
  • One Stop Shop
Foods of Europe deal with over 200 suppliers and manufacturers. We do not hold stock, so offer the best shelf life possible. We supply many brands, not limited to, including: Nestlé, Waitrose, Cadbury's, Birds Eye Wall's, Muller, Kraft, Saxby, Pasta Reale, McVities, Sharwoods, Heinz, Pataks, Petty Wood, Lever Brothers, Proctor & Gamble, Elida Gibbs, Beecham and many many more.
Our 30,000 sq/ft warehouse is a high quality, food standard warehouse. Our experienced team of operators offer a wide range of added value options, including: Order picking and consolidation, Palletisation and wrapping, Third party storage, Container stuffing and de-stuffing, Product re-working, Stock checking
In summary, we are your one stop shop for all your British Food requirements. We help differentiate you from your competitors and ensure you have the right range for your stores.

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