British Chilled Products - the best in the world? That's what we think and we have the sales to prove it!!

Chilled products can make a real difference to your sales. Keep ahead of the pack by continuous innovation. The U.K. is famous for it's fantastic ranges of chilled products; from Fromage Frais to Gu Desserts the quality is amazing and the new ideas never ending. There's always something new to try and something that gives you that important edge over your competition. A good U.K chilled range will differentiate you from the rest and ensure that everybodies talking about you.

We can offer you thousands of U.K product, delivered quickly to your market with the best possible shelf life and in the best of condition.

Start small - give it a try and surprise yourselves!

A Bit More About Foods Of Europe

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  • One Stop Shop
Foods of Europe deal with over 200 suppliers and manufacturers. We do not hold stock, so offer the best shelf life possible. We supply many brands, not limited to, including: Nestlé, Waitrose, Cadbury's, Birds Eye Wall's, Muller, Kraft, Saxby, Pasta Reale, McVities, Sharwoods, Heinz, Pataks, Petty Wood, Lever Brothers, Proctor & Gamble, Elida Gibbs, Beecham and many many more.
Our 30,000 sq/ft warehouse is a high quality, food standard warehouse. Our experienced team of operators offer a wide range of added value options, including: Order picking and consolidation, Palletisation and wrapping, Third party storage, Container stuffing and de-stuffing, Product re-working, Stock checking
In summary, we are your one stop shop for all your British Food requirements. We help differentiate you from your competitors and ensure you have the right range for your stores.

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