One Stop Shop for British Food direct to your door and all that goes with it

Foods of Europe offers a wide range of services to supply and help grow your business. We currently consolidate for major supermarkets throughout the world, so have an indepth knowledge of the industry. Our services include:

Product Support and Selection

We work in many different markets so know what products sell well, so we can help with your product selection and volumes. We do not hold stock, so offer the best shelf life possible while receiving orders from over 200 manufacturers.

We are always helping new UK manufacturers by representing their products to our customer base; if you wish to supply your products please get in touch.

Certification and Documentation

Every country has different market requirements and we can obtain documentation and certification to help comply with different conditions.


We can label your products whether this be a generic label, or one requiring ingredients. Please get in touch if you have any specific requirements.

Stock Control

We can, if required, place orders for replensihment where you only supply your product sales information. This results in frequent deliveries with only the stock you require for replenishment.


Different products require different shipping methods, whether that is chilled yogurts by air freight, or frozen chips sent by sea:

We work extensively with many shipping lines offering very competitive rates. They are different types of containers, whether they are 20foot or 40foot, temperature controlled or not ... read more ...

We work direct with most airlines and are security cleared with the major London airports. We transport to heathrow most days so can ensure your products arrive with the most shelf life possible ... read more ...

A Bit More About Foods Of Europe

  • Our Products
  • Warehousing
  • One Stop Shop
Foods of Europe deal with over 200 suppliers and manufacturers. We do not hold stock, so offer the best shelf life possible. We supply many brands, not limited to, including: Nestlé, Waitrose, Cadbury's, Birds Eye Wall's, Muller, Kraft, Saxby, Pasta Reale, McVities, Sharwoods, Heinz, Pataks, Petty Wood, Lever Brothers, Proctor & Gamble, Elida Gibbs, Beecham and many many more.
Our 30,000 sq/ft warehouse is a high quality, food standard warehouse. Our experienced team of operators offer a wide range of added value options, including: Order picking and consolidation, Palletisation and wrapping, Third party storage, Container stuffing and de-stuffing, Product re-working, Stock checking
In summary, we are your one stop shop for all your British Food requirements. We help differentiate you from your competitors and ensure you have the right range for your stores.

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